Master Makeup Artist

Industry Experience


About Hlee M.

Hlee (pronounced Lee) loves photography and makeup artistry. Hlees journey started with a passion for photography first and then, later grew into a love for makeup. She has been pursuing photographing since 2000 and makeup since 2013. Hlees photography includes portraits, fashion and wedding photography, as well as, fine art photography. As for makeup, Hlee has worked as an artist for MAC and then became a beauty consultant with Bobbi Brown. Currently Hlee has enjoyed freelancing for CBA, based in Atlanta, GA, as well as, support freelancing for Sephora and Yves Saint Laurent, Gorgio Armani, and Anastasia Beverly Hill. "Being a photographer and a professional makeup artist, I express my feelings and ideas through my artworks and I hope that you all can enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them."

Sample Of Work