We have taken great steps to make booking services with CBA easy and organized.

A personal Account Page is created for every person that completes a Service Request.

The Account Page provides a detail of the entire Event, including a listing of all participants, the services selected, pricing, the schedule and the payment process.

We also allow access for the Event creator to make any edits along the way to ensure the accuracy of this special day.

Availability and Pricing

Simply complete our brief Service Request. If we have Artists available for your requested date, we provide a detailed quote with in days, if not hours, in a detailed Service Proposal posted to a personal Account Page created just for you. There is no obligation at this time, so be sure to list any participants and services you may want. You can always edit your request later; there is no obligation at this point. Availability changes daily, so securing your Event with a Deposit as soon as possible is recommended.

The Account Page

Your personal Account Page allows you to track and manage your Event. You can see clearly all costs and any qualifying discounts. You can do everything from here… view the Proposal, make payments and even email us directly from your page with any questions, comments or change requests.


All Payments are due, no less than 14 days prior to services. Payments are made right from your personal Account Page using a major credit card. Sorry but no checks.

After making the Deposit, payments can be made at anytime and in any dollar amount. Complete payment of the Preview Service and Event Service are due no less than 14 days prior to their scheduled dates.

Payments process

  1. The Deposit ($50 non-refundable)
    To secure an Event requires only a $50 Deposit. The Deposit allows us to assign Artists to your Event and ensures you are covered. The Deposit goes towards your event total. The Deposit is non-refundable and canceling the Event, forfeits the Deposit.
  2. The Preview Service (aka Trial Run is optional)
    Once a Deposit is received and IF a Preview Service was requested, any partial payments will first be applied to the Preview Service. The Preview Service payment will be due in full, no less than 14 days prior to the scheduled service date.
  3. The Event Service
    Once the Deposit is made, any partial payment will first contribute to the Preview Service (if a Preview was requested) once the Preview is paid in full, all partial payments are then applied to the Event Service (remaining balance) The Event Service payment will be due in full, no less than 14 days prior to the scheduled Event date.
*Discounts: All discounts are detailed and applied on the Event Invoice (including Preview Service discounts)

Cancel or Add Services

No problem. Provided Artist availability, you may continue to edit services before and after the Security Deposit is made, up to 6 weeks prior to the wedding day. Inside of 6 weeks, you may no longer cancel any services without charge. Any cancellations must be done 6 weeks prior to the Event or payment for cancelled services will be due in full.

Assigning Artists

Artists are assigned once we receive a Deposit. Artists are assigned based on the services requested, the Artists capability, availability and geographic location. We will assign enough Artists as to keep the service time under 4-5 hours.

The Preview Service

Sometimes referred to as a Trial Run, Practice Session or Consultation... The Preview Service is an opportunity for the Artist and the bride to do a practice run, ensuring the bride’s wedding day vision is achieved. The purpose of the Preview is NOT to try multiple styles or looks for comparison. Rather, to discuss styles and looks, determine the best choice and then execute it. Concluding the service with the opportunity for minor adjustments to be made, so that all is determined before the big day. The bride is expected to provide inspirational photos in order to best represent the expectation. The Preview Service is a separate charge; prices are the same as wedding day services. The Preview Service can be scheduled as soon as you like, otherwise the Lead Artist will contact you about 12 weeks prior to the Event to coordinate a time. Like all of our services, the Preview is performed at a location of your choice. Preview Services are scheduled Mondays through Thursdays to accommodate the Artists busy wedding weekend schedule. Weekend services may be possible for an additional fee. A Travel Fee may be required if the location is more than 20 miles from the cities center. Expect the Preview Service to typically last 45-60 minutes for makeup and 60-90 minutes for hair.

The Schedule

The Schedule is typically posted within days of receiving the deposit. The Schedule is posted to your Account Page and details the service times, all participants, as well as assigned Artists. This is a minute-by-minute schedule, helping to ensure services are completed by the requested Ready Time. Our commitment is that the service times do not exceed 4-5 hours, thus dictating the number of Artists assigned.


A discount is applied if pre-booked services, including the Preview Service, total $700 or more. This discount is applied as a credit to the bride's hair and makeup services on the Final Invoice and can be as much as a $100.To qualify for the discount, the $700 in services must be booked prior to wedding day. Travel fees, gratuity and any miscellaneous reimbursements do not contribute to the $700 required for discounts.


We include an 18% service gratuity to invoicing. Past brides have expressed this helps simplify the transaction process, as wedding day can be stressful and sometimes a bit chaotic:)