Lagos Photography


Living in San Francisco born in Los Angeles, and raised in Hawai'i, Chris Lagos jokes he is from the Pacific Ocean. He has traveled all over the world. The cultural diversity found in his homes and travels has been a strong influence to his work. He finds joy immersing himself in art. These arts inform his photographic style, help him to communicate ideas, and keep his eye fresh. In addition to being a photographer he paints, makes prints, sketches, designs, sings, and plays the piano. Chris has great passion for his work. He cares as much about the process as he does the final result; he loves the photographic process in its entirety. He prefers to stay engaged from conceptualization to post processing if the opportunity allows. He has often been characterized as having a unique blend of masculinity and femininity in his work and he can effortlessly weave between strong iconic and subtle photography.



Sample Of Work