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Me in a nutshell: I believe God should be No. 1 in your life. I don't know what I would do without my family. I eat Kraft Mac N Cheese at least once a week. My husband and 2 kids are the loves of my life. I would love to go on an African Safari. If you cry I will cry. I believe I will be playing volleyball until I'm 80 (ok at least 70.) I hate scary movies but could watch love stories all day long. I'm a cowgirl wannabe. I would love to have my own little zoo some day. I prefer to wear my lounging clothes 24/7. My dogs are my other furry children. I listen to Christmas music 2 months before Christmas. I think pregnancy is the most amazing gift God has given to women. I am also a certified veterinary technician. I was a 10.5 lb baby, YIKES! I believe the best combination of food ever invented is chocolate and peanut butter. I am very blessed


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