Cadence & Eli Photography


CADENCE & ELI Our love story began on the dance floor at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Since that fateful winter night dancing has always been a big part of our relationship. It's really no surprise we love photographing dances at weddings so much. Speaking of weddings, Eli and I were married a few years ago on a beautiful day in April. Our friends and family packed into a small cemetery chapel, we arrived to the reception with a drumline, dined on tacos, and danced to (a lot) of hip-hop throughout the night. It was magical, a whole lot of fun, and unapologetically "us." Because a wedding photographer was the one to introduce us, we like to say that wedding photography brought us together. While it’s true that wedding photography has been a constant in our relationship, there's plenty of room for other things. Travel, good food, whiskey cocktails, dancing (of course!) and our French Bulldog, Jean-Luc, all keep us going outside the office. We know firsthand that every wedding is different but they're all bound by love, family, and friends. We look forward to hearing more about your wedding- we hope it's unapologetically "you."


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