Landskov Photography


After photographing professionally for eight years and juggling part time jobs Sasha Landskov recently took an immense plunge into the full-time freelance world. Through her experience working in the agency setting, Sasha gained the strong business sense and professional confidence she needed to jump head first into being self-employed. However, the drive to grow creatively, create more and continue pushing herself eventually overcame the confines of a regular corporate job. The freedoms acquired in freelance work are not without risk, but this new path is fueled by renewed passion and motivation to work harder than ever before at doing what she loves, continuing to grow with each project. Shooting in Germany, New York and Minneapolis, Sasha Landskov creates editorial fashion, beauty and food photography. With influences such as Sally Mann and Richard Avedon, her images depict power and vulnerability with a bit of playfulness. Each time Sasha photographs is a opportunity to try something new and experiment with light, movement or location while applying the technical expertise gained while earning her BSc. Sasha takes pride in her ability to run production on a set catering to all parts of a photo shoot, finishing with a successful image and a satisfied client.



Sample Of Work