Beau Petersen Photography


Beau began photographing weddings in 1992. He loves people and photography... anyone who knows him can see that he genuinely cares for people. Beau and I met in 2000 and it didn't take long for us to realize that we were perfect compliments for each other. So we got hitched in March of 2001 at San Pedro Cafe in Hudson Wisconsin. Our daughter, Bijou and our son Bode are the coolest kids in the whole world! We enjoy the challenge of being parents, it is the best thing that we have ever experienced. Inspiration is everywhere, people are beautiful. Life is fleeting and without photography it would be impossible to hold onto cherished memories. Imagery is the most valuable material possession to Beau and myself. Everyone has a story to tell and a couple's wedding is such an intimate part of a life story... We love being a part of that. We believe in marriage, we believe that family enriches ones life and marriage is combining two families... that is so amazing! As a family grows you create so many more amazing moments to capture. We would love to capture your family at any stage of life, until then... keep clicking!


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