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We are Michael and Lisa husband and wife, best friends and business partners. she is smart he is funny she is logical he is technical she can barely use a computer he loves all things apple she is brilliant he is too he thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the world she agrees (just kidding) she loves him for thinking that he grew up in minneapolis she grew up in chicago he is a golfer she is a triathlete We are both totally cheesy and goofy and just love having fun. We have 3 of the best kids any parents could ask for and one who isn't so much a kid anymore. We love movies, music, spending time with friends and family, snuggling on the sofa, 5pm summertime wine on the deck and steak dinners at pittsburgh blue. We are passionate about our love for each other and photography. Capturing emotion and moments that will be cherished forever. And making some cool art in the process I have won awards for my wedding work although the awards don't mean anything to me, what matters to me is taking cool pictures of the bride, the groom, their happy family and friends. If you like my pictures, contact me. I would love to hear about the details of your wedding day.


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