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I (Katie Fears) have been a lover of the camera since the age of 6. Yes that's right! It all started with my red plastic 110 camera and photos of my stuffed animals. I continued my studies by getting a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography from the University of Minnesota. Over the past several years my business has dedicated itself to being Minneapolis' premier editorial wedding & portrait photography studio. Originally located on 50th & France in Edina, my new studio is located inside the historic Semple Mansion. Brio Art specializes in EDITORIAL style wedding, boudoir & portrait photography. I give just enough direction to my clients to have them feel comfortable in front of the camera but never too much to make them feel "posed" or un-natural. Taking photos should be fun and enjoyable; you should feel like a model in front of the camera not a manikin. And now you're thinking, well that's all fine and dandy Katie but tell us a bit more about YOU? I am currently engaged to the love of my life and cannot wait to marry him. I have to give it to my fiancé for all the years of wedding talk EVEN before we were engaged. But after you get to know me you can understand why I love what I do so much. I truly think my job is the BEST in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Traveling to new countries has been top on my list for as long as I can remember. Each year I try to hit a new part of the world I have not been to yet. See new architecture, discover old customs and of course take a million photos! My recent trips have been: Mexico, Italy, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia and Greece. Next up is either Peru or Thailand, which so you think? Oh and I also like Dogs, my furry family members are Potatos and Melvin. I love DIY projects; recently it has been remodeling my 100 yr old home. I don't like running, I think that should only happen when you are being chased. And "YES", you can never have too many shoes!


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