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I adore my family- God has given me an amazing husband who I have been married to for 3 years. He keeps me grounded and encourages my ideas no matter how wild they seem. We have a daughter who is our world. She is spunky and full of personality (and talks a lot- like her mother!). Have I mentioned she is a pro at talking on the phone? She reminds me daily to step back and enjoy the little things in life. I have recently rediscovered my love for coloring with her. I have a four year degree in graphic design and a minor in photography; though I love graphic design I took the photography avenue instead. Photography has become my true passion. I love the emotion and the connection I get to have with people. One of my most favorite places to visit is Winterset, Iowa. You can find me swinging on the front porch of my aunt and uncle's house breathing in the fresh air, listening to the locusts sing and staring at the starry sky while talking about my life goals and aspirations with my aunt. This place makes my heart happy. I love Caribou! I would have it everyday if you let me. My favorite drink is mango iced-tea with sugar free raspberry. If you ask me out to coffee- I'll treat you :) I feel like I can never shop at Target and get out of there under $50.00.. If you can, let me know how you do it. I love Glee. If you haven't watched it yet- you should. Over the years I have become quite the city girl. I really don't like "roughing" it for camping, but I have been to Alaska 3 times- and I will rough it to go there. I hope to go back again someday and hike to the top of Exit Glacier. Late at night when I edit, I seem to get addicted to watching HGTV- in particular House Hunters International. I've watched the channel so often that they've become reruns! Sometimes, I'll flip it over to What Not To Wear because, well, I need the help in that area. Haha. My mom is an amazing quilter, I love looking at her work and I wish I had the gift of quilting . (We have tried a few times, unfortunately, the gift was not passed down to me. In the meantime, I will continue to help her pick out fabric.:) If you ever catch me singing in my car it's most likely to Toby Mac or the Black Eyed Peas. While I'm at it I might whip out some old school dc Talk. I love editing. It is my addiction. If I don't get to do it at least once a day, I have a hard time falling asleep at night. Erin Benner


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