Laura Radniecki Images


I am fiercely passionate about the importance of photographing your life. Here is my Why - why I am a photographer: I believe that every occasion from love and weddings to babies and birthdays, is special enough for photographs. Life passes so fast. Photography allows me to freeze those moments forever. One single photo has the power to bring us back in time, to a time and place that might otherwise be long forgotten. I believe the right time for photos is NOW. No excuses - life is too short and time is too precious to waste. Don't wait for your hair to grow a little longer, for you to lose a few pounds, or until you make a couple more dollars. Get in front of the camera now. Life can change suddenly, but once those moments are captured, they are forever. I believe that custom photography is an investment. It is an investment in the present and into the future; into freezing life's moments now to pass on to the future. My work is not about having you sit and pose awkwardly looking into my camera. I want to capture the real and authentic you; to showcase the beauty and uniqueness that is yours alone.



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