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Why Choose CBA(Creative Beauté Agency)?


Since 2006, real brides have reviewed and rated us higher and more often than any other on-location hair and makeup service provider.  We represent only the most talented professional Artists. CBA Artists are successful for their customer relations as much as their artistic talent. Our investment in technology provides our clients full access to their event details via a personalized account page. This sophisticated process of managing your event allows for unrivaled accuracy and efficiency resulting in an organized and stress free Event.

What is the Service Proposal?

The Service Proposal is an estimate or quote. It is based on the Artist availability we have at that time of the request and the details provided.

What time will the services begin?

Start time depends on the type and number of services requested. We are committed to keeping the service times under 4-5 hours max. This includes some built in buffer time for any unforeseen delays.

How does the Travel Fee work?

Travel Fees are assessed to any location more than 20 miles from the center of the major metropolitan area. The center is an estimate and varies from region to region. Travel Fees start at $25 and increases $10 with each additional 10 miles. (Example: 95 miles = $95 Travel Fee per Artist) Travel Fees are a charge intended to individually compensate each Artist for their time as well as travel expense. Once Artists are assigned, the Travel Fee may be adjusted based on the actual number of Artists required. Extended distances or early Ready Times may require over night accommodations as well. 

Is a Trial included in the price?

Yes. When you choose a Bridal Package the price includes a trial. All other services are priced individually. This allows you to select and pay for only the services you actually want. This is something to keep in mind when comparing to other service providers.

When can I make changes to my event?

Anytime. Providing artist availability, you may continue to edit services before and after the Security Deposit is made, up to 6 weeks prior to the wedding day. Inside of 6 weeks, you may no longer cancel any services without charge. Our artists schedules are determined well in advance; therefore, we encourage change requests be made as early as possible, as they are contingent on artist availability.

How do I make changes to my event?

Simply email us and we will review requested changes and respond as time permits.

Is gratuity included?

Yes. 18% gratuity will be applied to all services and detailed on the Final Invoice (Gratuity is not applied to Travel Fees or any services added on wedding day) Any additional gratuity is not expected but certainly welcome

When is the Trial scheduled?

Typically the Artist will contact you 8 weeks prior to coordinate, however you may schedule sooner if you like. Trials are performed at a location of your choice on Mondays through Thursdays to accommodate artists weekend wedding schedule. An additional fee may be required if a weekend is requested or the location is more than 20 miles from city's center (see  How does the Travel Fee work?)

What if I don’t like my Trial, am I committed for the Event day?

We stand behind our services 100%. So if we ever fail to meet a bride’s expectation we will do everything we can to rectify the situation and if needed provide refunds and accept cancellations without charge.

When do I pay for the Services?

All Payments are due, no later than 14 days prior to service date. We accept major credit cards.  Sorry but no checks.

  1. The Deposit ($50 non-refundable)
    to secure an Event requires only a $50 Deposit. The Deposit allows us to      assign artists to your Event and ensure you’re covered. The Deposit goes      towards your service total and will show as a credit on the Final Invoice.      The Deposit is non-refundable and canceling the Event, forfeits the      Deposit.
  2. The Trial (optional)
    If  a Trial is requested, the payment  will be due no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled service date.
  3. The Final Invoice
    final Invoice (remaining balance) will be sent 6 weeks prior to and due  no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled Event date.

Does the $50 deposit go towards the final balance?

Yes. The Deposit is applied as a credit on the Final Invoice.